The discovery in 1888 of this inscription – dedicated by the city of Aeminium honoring Flavius Valerius Constantius [B(onum)E]T AVCMENTVM / [RE]I PVB(licae). NATO [DI] / LECTOQVE PRIN/[C]IPI . D(omino) N(ostro) FLAVIO/ [V]AL(erio) CONTANTIO / [P]IO. FELICI INVICTO AV / [G]VSTO.PONY(ifici). MAX(imo) / [T]RIB(unicia). POT(estate). P(atri) P(atriae). PROCONS(uli) / [CIV]ITAS AEMINIENS[IS] – was of great importance to Coimbra. Firstly, because it is documentary confirmation of its Roman name – Aeminium; and secondly, because the Emperor’s attributes date this dedication to 305 – 306, which suggests that his great contribution to this city was the construction of the defensive walls. This seems a likely hypothesis given the dates and facts known about the history of Lusitania.