This small altar was found in the rubble of the demolitions of the Castle. It was dedicated to the gods Manes in memory of VAGELIA RVFINA JVNIOR, by her grandfather, ALIVS AVITAS and her father, SILVANIVS SILVANVS.
The absence of the child’s age, and the discovery, in the same necropolis, of a funerary monument which the two men had dedicated to the memory of ALIA VAGELIA AVITA, aged 26, show that the girl did not live for very long after her mother’s death, or that both died in childbirth. The names of the young mother and her father were names from wealthy families in the society of Aeminium, having both indigenous and Roman origins. Vagellia is indeed the family name of a gens from the Italic peninsula. Other funerary inscriptions found in Conimbriga show that the same families were living in the two neighbouring cities. The type of monument and the use of local limestone from Ançã, suggest that they were both products of the same workshop.