Created to satisfy the needs for the new studies, the Press was also the main propaganda tool for Pombaline ideology. This elevation shows the main façade of the building for the University of Coimbra Royal Press, to be installed in the cloister of the new Misericordia Church, that had been the Coimbra Cathedral until 1772. It presents Neo-Classical lines, surmounted by a coping with twelve urns, of which two are larger than the others and sit on the colossal pilasters positioned at each corner of the façade. The building has a hipped roof and two floors. The ground floor has ten, plain framed windows, the central door is surmounted by an unadorned entablature and double triangular frontespiece. The upper floor has eleven windows each one surmounted by an ocular window; all are plain framed. This drawing is one of the copies executed by Teodoro Marques Pereira da Silva, an assistant draftsman to Elsden.