The Colégio de Jesus was the main target of the politico-cultural policy of the Marquês: his intention was to spread the belief that the Jesuits – expulsed by him in 1759 – had caused the stagnation of education in Portugal. This was one of the ways of erradicating the Society and, as in Coimbra, to be able to use the huge College to install the new Faculties of Medicine and Philosophy. Thus, this area became part of the University’s sphere of influence, with the exception of the Church and the southwestern corner, given to the Diocese and the Chapter. The plan shows the adaptations made to the Jesuit complex for its new role. Individual plans with specifications are held in the Museum. The plan to implement this was executed by Manoel de Souza Ramos, one of William Elsden’s assistant draftsmen. In colour, it shows the various outbuildings, which remain in the same place today. The only exception being the Hospital which, in the 19th century, was subject to a thorough remodelling and was later transferred to the Colégio de S. Jerónimo and the Colégio das Arts.