This drawing, a preliminary project for the Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra, is signed by Manuel Alves Macomboa and dated 1791. In the inscription, the author states that the drawing shows «several ideas to choose from». The most prominent drawing in the group appears at the top; an elevation of a greenhouse divided symmetrically in two. The work, highly detailed and rich in information, shows Neo-Classical inspiration, the bust of Carl Lineus – the Swedish botanist, 1707–1778 – adding a contemporary touch. Macomboa came from Lisbon in 1773, at the request of the Marquês, to work as master carpenter on the University Construction Works and, by 1777, he added to that position that of master mason and finally, in 1784 he began to manage, as architect, all the building sites pertaining to the Reforms. The area for the Garden, or Horto, was increased with land purchased from the neighboring Marian convent and was to be installed in the area adjacent to the Colégio de S. Bento, connected to the Arches of the S. Sebastião Aqueduct.