The enlargement and re-qualification works to the Museum required the removal of all the collections from the building.

Their re-accommodation in new localities observed three essential requirements: ease of access; the possibility to be able to study and document in the reserve area; conditions that provide security and preservation.

To guarantee such conditions, the localities were provided with totally new electrical installations, with new exterior ducts, fire detectors and extinguishers, heating, dehumidifiers and humidifiers.

A 24/7 on-site security service was contracted.

The relative temperature and humidity records are checked daily in case of the need for adjustment.

In the main reserve, that holds the greater variety of materials, the inertia of the building and the possibility of natural ventilation offer environmental conditions that are normally satisfactory.

The raw material selected for the making of packaging products and equipment was polyester, avoiding the use of chemically unstable materials and/or those that encourage the spread of insects and microorganisms.