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20 January 2022
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Restoration work is conducted by the preservation of artistic and historical authenticity.

The interventions carried out in the Museum’s conservation and restoration workshops seek, in a initial stage, to study the techniques involved in the execution of the work of art and the causes of the deterioration of its constituent materials. Consequently action is taken to halt these effects, restoring the physical stability and appearance of the piece.

The key ethics imposed by the science of conservation, and defined in the Cracow Treaty of 2000, guaranteed that the artistic and historic authenticity of the pieces be observed and that none of the treatments carried out should impoverish the pieces, alter their messages or contribute towards their alteration.

The conservationist strives to distinguish between the essential and the superfluous, between the possible and the impossible, between the intervention that enhances the qualities of the object and that which hides them in a way that minimizes the dangers of alteration or prejudicial handling of the pieces that any conservation or restoration intervention necessarily implies.



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